-Chicken Eggs (One Dozen Per Member)

Store Eggs -Chicken Eggs (One Dozen Per Member)

Our Chickens are pasture raised, live and play on our Farm. Their eggs are nest run and fed a corn/soy free certified organic feed. High in omega fatty acids. Colorful assortment. Eggs are shelf stable for three weeks from delivery date. Please do not expose eggs temperatures above 80 degrees and keep out of direct sunlight. Limited availability. Chicken eggs will not always be in production due to weather. This order is a one time purchase. Due to limited inventory, customers need to add chickens eggs to their weekly order if they see them available. We apologize for growing really delicious and addictive chicken eggs!

    When you participate as a subscribing member of our CSA Program, you instantly become a part of our farm community. As a member, you get to take advantage of the members only discount of 10% off all additional purchases made when shopping in our Farm Store or at one of our Farmer's Market Booths. You will also get Priority Access to Blue Sky events and workshops. You have the chance to connect with the farm through farm tours, events, our Farm Blog, social media, and more. Through events and workshops, CSA members can meet and connect with other like-minded members and foster new, healthy community relationships. *Discount not applicable to online purchases.

Blue Sky Organic Farm's produce is USDA certified organic by CCOF.