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Freshly produce; YOU decide what is in the box each week. Custom box contains a minimum of 6 items, including at least one 8oz bagged salad.

This share is no longer available.

Freshly produce; YOU decide what is in your custom box each week. You'll have a minimum of 6 items, including at least one 8oz bagged salad (Farmer's choice i.e. baby spinach, wild baby arugula, or spring mix). Take the guess work out of your Farm Share and customize your box to fit your exact needs! Each week you will receive an email listing the available seasonal items that you can add to your box. You will select your box contents. If you do not select your custom box contents, you will receive a default Farm Box that week.

A whole season is 37 weeks running from October 10th to June 18th. If you sign up after October 10th, your whole season is prorated from the date you sign up to the end of the season. A half season lasts 18 weeks and will commence at sign up. In addition to the Farm Box, we offer a Customized Farm Share. Produce items will be available within the customized farm share to order exactly what you want with no surprises. Please make sure that you place your order before the deadline.

If you have a Tuesday delivery, all orders must be placed by Saturday at midnight of the week prior (i.e. if the delivery is for 9/19/17, orders must be placed by 9/16/17).

If you have a Friday delivery, all orders must be placed by Tuesday at midnight of the week prior (i.e. if the delivery is for 9/22/17, orders must be placed by 9/19/17).

If you have a Saturday delivery, all orders must be placed by Wednesday at midnight of the week prior (i.e. if the delivery is for 9/23/17, orders must be placed by 9/20/17).

We only post custom available box contents one week at a time (as it is impossible to forecast any further than that with the weather). If you are not getting these emails, please check your spam folder (and adjust your spam settings accordingly).

Customize your box. Next you will come to a page that will have the same items with up and down arrows and you can change the numbers. Make sure to SAVE CHANGES. You can also click “reset to defaults” to reset the box to the original contents. We want to be as flexible as possible with our members, however Mother Nature can be fickle at times and nothing is certain in farming. Therefore it is possible that an item will not be ready even though it was predicted to be ready in the customization list. So far this has only happened a few times. We try very hard to make an accurate forecast, but if it turns out that an item is not ready on your box delivery day, we reserve the right to switch for another item and replace it at the last minute. We will not credit the original item but we will provide an item of similarity or value. Thank you for understanding. That being said, the "add-on" items from the store are inventoried and will be guaranteed. In the event that "add-on" items are unavailable to ship, we will notify you when we can fulfill the order and you can decide at that time whether you want the order placed or credited.

    When you participate in a CSA box subscription, you instantly become a part of our farm community. As a member, you get to take advantage of 10% off all additional Farm Store and Farmers Market produce purchases, and you get Priority Access to Blue Sky events and workshops. You have the chance to connect with the farmer through farm tours, events, our Farm Blog, social media, and more. Through events and workshops, Farm Box members can meet and connect with other like-minded members and foster new, healthy community relationships.

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Blue Sky Organic Farm's produce is USDA certified organic by CCOF.