Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

A CSA Box is a box filled with local (100% Blue Sky Organic Farms grown), organic, produce that was harvested the day before you receive it, not weeks beforehand and shipped long distances.

Why should I sign up for a Blue Sky CSA box?

A CSA box subscription provides you with locally grown, freshly harvested, organic produce that is better for you, your family, and the community. It saves you time at the grocery store, and keeps your fridge stocked with fresh veggies so you can keep your health on track.

How does the CSA Box subscription work?

After signing-up, you will receive a box of fresh veggies (and fruit during the warmer season) on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 

How do I receive my box?

Summer CSA Update: During the summer we have a shorter list of available pick up locations. Please see "Drop Sites" on the Storefront Homepage for this list.

During our main growing season (October-June), we have pick up locations throughout The Valley. When you sign up for a subscription you will see a list of available pick up locations. Please select the best location for you to pick up your CSA Farm Box . Please keep in mind that you are responsible for picking up your CSA Farm Box, or for making alternative arrangements to have your CSA Box picked up by a friend or family member. All boxes that are not picked up during the window of time allotted for pick up, will be donated to St. Mary's Food Bank.

What if I want more produce than I have in my CSA Box? 

All CSA Members receive 10% off all additional produce purchased while shopping in our Farm Store or at one of our Farmers Market Booths. This way, members who eat a lot of veggies can still get a deal on the extra items they may need.

You may also Shop for Add On's through the online store (discount not included through online store). Add On's include options such as eggs, honey, jam, produce and other offerings from the farm!

Can I place my CSA Farm Box on Hold?

Yes, you can place a delivery on Hold for those times when you will not be able to pick up your box. You will need to login to your account and select the delivery date on the calendar, of which the you intend to Hold. After selecting this date, you will then want to select the "Hold" button. The software will then give you an option to Donate your Farm Box or to Hold you Farm Box.

When you place your box on Hold, the Farm Box will not be made, nor will any billing occur if the hold is placed at least 72 hours prior to delivery. When you select Donate, the contents of the box will be donated to St. Mary's Food Bin or another charitable organization we are working with at the time, and your credit card will be billed.

Please note, the farm is not responsible for completing the action of placing the box on Hold.  It is the responsibility of the member to place the box on Hold at least 72 hours prior to the next delivery. Holds can be placed for more than one week, however only one Hold can be placed at a time. Meaning, consecutive Holds are not available.

What happens if I do not pick up my CSA Box on time?

That depends. If your pick up location is the Farm Store, all unclaimed boxes will be donated to St. Mary’s Food Bank, or any other food bank, church, or charitable organization we are working with at that time. If your pick up location is a third party business, please understand that they are not responsible for storing your CSA Box. Most third party locations will toss unclaimed CSA Boxes. Some may hold onto your CSA Box past the delivery date, but please note that we are not responsible for their storage conditions and your produce may not be stored properly, resulting in less-than-stellar veggies. There are no refunds, credits, or exchanges for unclaimed CSA Boxes.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

This action must be completed by an Administrator. Please call the office and ask for the CSA Coordinator (623) 266-4031. Or, you can send an email to There are no refunds, credits, or exchanges for unclaimed boxes (aka boxes that were not picked up within the allotted pick up time and pick up location). 

A $23 cancellation fee may be assessed if the request is not received 72 hours prior to your next delivery. What does 72 hours look like? If you receive a Farm Box on Friday, the cancellation will need to be placed no later than 11:59pm on Monday. Or, if you receive a Farm Box on Saturday, the cancellation request will need to be received by 11:59pm on Tuesday.

If cancellation request is not received within this time frame, the cancellation of services will go into effect the following week and the next scheduled delivery will occur, or a $23 cancellation fee may be assessed. Thank you, for abiding by this policy and working as community to create an efficient and pleasant CSA experience!

If cancellation request is received via phone call or email within 72 hours of your next delivery, any scheduled automatic installment payments will be canceled. Any credit balance left on your account after all deliveries and fees, will be refunded to you by check (see Refund Policy in our Policies Section).

Where can I sign up for a Blue Sky CSA Box?

Sign up for a Blue Sky CSA Box here:

How do I customize my CSA Box?

Summer CSA Update: Custom Farm Boxes are not available during the Summer CSA season.We are offering a single size share only.

During our standard growing season (October-June): In addition to the Farm Box, we offer a Customized Farm Share.  Produce items will be available within the customized farm share to order exactly what you want with no surprises.  Please make sure that you place your order before the deadline.

If you have a Tuesday delivery, all orders must be placed by Saturday at midnight of the week prior (i.e. if the delivery is for 9/19/17, orders must be placed by 9/16/17).

If you have a Friday delivery, all orders must be placed by Tuesday at midnight of the week prior (i.e. if the delivery is for 9/22/17, orders must be placed by 9/19/17).

If you have a Saturday delivery, all orders must be placed by Wednesday at midnight of the week prior (i.e. if the delivery is for 9/23/17, orders must be placed by 9/20/17).

We only post custom available box contents one week at a time (as it is impossible to forecast any further than that with the weather). If you are not getting these emails, please check your spam folder (and adjust your spam settings accordingly).

Customize your box. Next you will come to a page that will have the same items with up and down arrows and you can change the numbers. Make sure to SAVE CHANGES. You can also click “reset to defaults” to reset the box to the original contents.  We want to be as flexible as possible with our members, however Mother Nature can be fickle at times and nothing is certain in farming.  Therefore it is possible that an item will not be ready even though it was predicted to be ready in the customization list.  So far this has only happened a few times.  We try very hard to make an accurate forecast, but if it turns out that an item is not ready on your box delivery day, we reserve the right to switch for another item and replace it at the last minute.  We will not credit the original item but we will provide an item of similarity or value.  Thank you for understanding.  That being said, the "add-on" items from the store are inventoried and will be guaranteed.  In the event that "add-on" items are unavailable to ship, we will notify you when we can fulfill the order and you can decide at that time whether you want the order placed or credited.