Join our CSA Program!

Welcome to Blue Sky Organic Farms! We are 100% Certified Organic Farmers, specialized in growing vegetables, and various fruits for food production. The summer has been great, and we are looking forward to the "cool down" heralding in the beginning of our Main Growing Season set for first week of November. Join us and the organic food revolution by signing up for a weekly or bi-weekly CSA Farm Box delivery, to one of our pick up locations. 

 Never heard of a CSA before? CSA stands for, Community Supported Agriculture. Traditionally, a CSA  is a mutually beneficial way for local farmers and community members to help one another. Participating members from the community benefit by receiving local, naturally produced, and therefore the freshest and most longest lasting, produce. While the Farmer receives consistent monetary support through the community member's continued CSA subscription. The farmer can then grow a calculated amount of food to meet the needs of the community. This in turn, limits food waste and prevents the miscalculation of needed product. As well as, promotes greater food security in our state, preserves farm land, and promotes greater bio-diversity! It is a win-win!

Our members experience peace of mind knowing that they are guaranteed a share of safely produced vegetables and fruit.  Also known to be the best produce around…and it’s 100% Certified Organic!  It just doesn’t get any better than this.  

CSA Subscriptions

Classic CSA Farm Box

Our Classic CSA Farm Box offers a range of 5-7, pre-selected produce items from our farm in Litchfield Park, AZ. This program is available as an auto-renew subscription; billed one delivery at a time and remains on auto-renew until we hear from you. First delivery billed at time of order.

Holiday Gift One Month Subscription (REDEEM)

SELECT this CSA option if you received a One Month CSA Gift Certificate. Please have your coupon code (provided in confirmation email) ready. When checking out you will input this code at the top of the screen.